Time spent creatively

Drawing and Painting studio

  • Groups for adults

  • Groups for students

  • Teen and children groups (7 m. - 18 m.)

  • Saturday workshops

  • Special celebrations at our studio

Here we are going to learn how to draw, paint, create amazing collages, Paint with watercolors and most impotantly have a great time in the studio surrounded by other creatives

Creative drawing and painting lessons

Adult lessons

I Group

Mondays 12:00-14:00

Mondays 18:00-20:00


Thursdays 11:30-13:30

Thursdays 18:30-20:00

65 Eur per month.

Group lessons once a week.

Drawing lessons for teens

Learning to draw is more than applying lines and colors to paper! This is a long but adventurous journey where you will not only learn technical drawing skills, but also unlock the ability to see the world from a completely different angle. The main goal of these classes is to free your imagination, not be afraid to experiment and break the myths and outdated rules of drawing together.

I Group

Mondays 16:00-18:00


Thursdays 16:30-18:30

45 Eur per month.

Group lessons once a week

Creative drawing lessons for kids

I Group

Mondays 14:00-15:50


Thursdays 15:00-16:30

Special offer for students

30 Eur per month.

Group lessons once a week

During the lessons, we will get acquainted with various drawing tools such as dry pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, sepia. Let's experiment, mix and let our creativity bloom!

30 Eur per month.

I know that being a student is pretty hard but we all still need a hobby!

Group lessons once a week at your chosen time

100 Eur per month.

Group lessons twice a week.

One lesson

I Group

Monday 12:00-14:00

Monday 18:00-20:00


Thursday 11:30-13:30

Thursday 17:00-18:00

25 Eur One Lesson.

One group lesson

One drawing or painting lesson/consultation on an issue you care about, or maybe you just want to try to unlock your creative potential or have a great evening with a friend!

All of the supplies are included in the price




Every saturday we will have different workshops at the studio like:

  • Card/ postcard workshop

  • Drawing on bags

  • Still lifes created specially for saturdays

  • And many more creative workshops!

The prices of these workshops will differ based on that saturdays workshop

We will inform about every workshop happening on Saturday on our facebook page, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss any of the future events!!

Saturdays in the studio will be dedicated to workshops

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