Mūsų teikiamos paslaugos

Nuo piešimo pagrindų iki tapybos ekspermentavimo

In the studio, you will be introduced to a variety of tools that allow you to create freely and in a truly unique way

During the classes, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each tool. We will cover why pouring watercolors is so relaxing and painting is so loved, drawing with charcoal frees you from restraints, pastels make you feel like a child again, and various graphic elements require concentration and attention.

Our studio offers a unique opportunity for students

Since there are a lot of students in my circle of friends, I understand very well what difficulties you faced, but I also understand the need to do an activity that is dear to your heart - at least once a week! Therefore, we offer a special price to students, which would allow you to try these drawing and painting classes, during which we will not only create, but also be part of a creative community!

Lessons for kids (6m-13m)

We offer lessons for children, during which we will encourage children's curiosity and creativity. We will create not only individually, but also in groups using the form of a game, so the classes will be full of cooperation and creativity without taboos. Children will also be introduced to various tools. Well, the tasks will be based on what the child is interested in - we will interpret their favorite games, movies, create comics and much more!

Lessons for adults

We will paint and draw during the classes. We will teach you how to create wonderful paintings that will decorate your home or make your loved ones happy on the occasion of the upcoming holidays!!

We will learn to paint landscapes, flowers, vases of amazing beauty.

We will create abstractions that will decorate any white wall with a potpourri of colors.

We will try relief painting and experiment with drawing.

And the best thing is that everyone will definitely learn something new!!!

Lessons for teens

Lessons for teenagers. This is an after-school activity during which we will learn to draw, paint, and mix different techniques that will allow us to realize the most diverse ideas.

In creation, we will use what is relevant and interesting!

We will interpret literature, social media, computer games.

The tasks will be focused on encouraging us to see the world around us creatively, to achieve this we will use the principle of collages and connect drawing. And through painting, we will learn to see a wide range of colors!

Saturday events at the studio

On Saturdays, the activities in the studio will be a little different!

Every Saturday we will have themed activities-workshops, during which we will engage in various activities!

We will draw on canvas bags

Create postcards

We will mold air-drying clay And many other interesting activities!